Design & Restoration

The Hotel placed on a former well-off area of Valparaíso, is nowadays the centre of the cultural tourism of the city.  This is a distinct demonstration of the lifestyle of the “porteño” that perches up the hill, integrating ravines and bends typical of the uneven topography of Valparaíso worthy of visiting by foot.

The architecture is the result of the restoration of a house from 1900 owned by a German immigrant family.  The house is of great value because it is part of a group of houses with colorful facades that create narrow and deep passages.

Restoration is indeed the proper word as the place has kept the original volume and only its walls have opened to the surroundings, thus forming 10 rooms.  Each room has its special feature, colors and corners and an amazing view to the surroundings.  The places and walls have revealed the original structure of the house, like stone, brick and ancient and noble wood brought by sea from abroad.  Nowadays, they are shown and part of the bright rooms of the Hotel.  The furniture and design is yet another suggestion of the city, as each room involves some feature of the strange topography of Valparaíso, as well as the comfort for a wanderer of the hills.